KCCI holds meet with director CDI


The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Inc) held a meeting with the Director CDI, Zubair Ahmad and with Sarfaraz Ahmad Wani, Professor Faculty of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry along with the Handicrafts/Handloom related members under the Chairmanship of Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad a statement issued by KCCI said.

KCCI holds meet with director CDI

The statement said that members belonging to Handicrafts/Handloom highlighted the problems related to the customs and use of outdated technology for testing of Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls.

The President, Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad expressed its concerns about the dwindling state of Kashmir handicrafts and the miseries that handicraft artisans are going through over the years, it said.

“The role and importance of the handicrafts sector in Kashmir economics, as always has been commendable. Appreciating its will and resilience the President reiterated and demanded the State and Central Government to come forward for the survival of artisans be it Pashmina/Shawl weavers or Traders and rescue them from losses which have occurred due to detaining of consignments at Delhi customs on the pretext of testing,” it added.

The statement said that the President at the same time urged State government to ensure the use of Modern testing method which could ensure foolproof testing in short period so that the consignment is released from the customs on time and orders of their buyers won’t get cancelled as it is happening frequently these days.

“The President also urged State government to ensure, testing of Kashmiri Shawls is done as per the latest Standards issued by the Bureau of Indian standards and ban all other obsolete methods of testing,” it said.

The President also decided to schedule a meeting with  Principal Secretary Industries and Commerce to discuss all the issues related to the Kashmir Handicrafts conveyed by the members of Handicrafts/Handloom, read the KCCI statement..


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