KCSDS Condemns Budgam Incident, To Organise Joint Meeting

KL Report


Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) has expressed its deep anguish and anxiety over the recent incidents of group clashes in Budgam district in the name of sectarian strife.

“KCSDS believes that these actions, which are against the very basic tenets of Islam, are the handiwork of criminal elements using sectarian identities to promote their ulterior political motives,” read the statemnet.

“These events have come in the immediate backdrop of the gruesome killings in Gool, thereby evoking genuine concerns about the timing and the motives behind these incidents,” it added.

KCSDS also notes that the silence and inactive role played by ulema and other religious leaders, which has only served to aggravate the pain and hurt being felt by the affected people.

“KCSDS believes that ulema have a major role in promoting unity among Muslims and discourage the divisive discourse that sows disaffection among various schools of Muslim thought,” read the statement.

At a meeting of the core group members, it was noted that such elements who fan this strife only strengthen the hands of anti-Islam elements prevalent in a number of Islamic societies for dividing the people on sectarian lines.

For evolving a common strategy to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and undertake a joint initiative to promote the discourse of cohesiveness and unity, KCSDS has also decided to organise a joint reflection meeting later this week in which prominent civil society members from both the communities will reflect on the situation.


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