KCSDS hails people for unity, determination


Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS), a civil society group, on Tuesday takes great satisfaction in the unprecedented unity displayed by all sections of people against attempts to abrogate State Subject Laws operative in the state since 1927 and state legislature’s power to make laws on permanent residents in future, the KCSDS spokesman in a statement said.

A KCDS spokesman in a statement said: “since the damocles sword has been put hanging over us, people need to be more determined and united to fight this onslaught together. The unprecedented unity has frustrated some persons like Omer Abdullah and Er Rashid who took a jibe at resistance leaders for taking up the issue of Article35A. The comments of both are absurd and misleading. It is a view of half-backed minds who are either deliberately obfuscating the issue to please their masters in Delhi or they are abysmally ignorant and dumb wits who do not understand that by taking away this safeguard BJP- RSS combine is trying to  make settlements in Kashmir like Israel in Palestine to change the demography and hence to bury the Kashmir dispute for all times.”

“Even a layman understands that any change in the demographics of the state by removing the safeguard to our exclusive rights on our land will alter the ratio of population What would resistance leaders fight for when the entire demographics and power dynamics of the state stand changed? They are defending the retention of the Article not for the love of India or seeing their future in India but safeguarding our land and demography till the dispute is resolved,” he said.

“As the accession itself is temporary the entire Kashmir resistance movement  sees through how the removal of the said article will signal the death of Kashmir dispute and burial of our right to self-determination Omar and Rashid  should join a class to  sharpen their  understanding of the ramifications of tinkering  with  Article 35A  in which they will be reduced to the status of a mosquito,” said KCDS spokesperson in a statement.

“We also appeal sections of people in Jammu not to be mislead by the fallacious propaganda of right-wingers who are giving all kinds of erroneous interpretations to the Article 35A. It needs to be understood in its proper perspective to realize the disastrous consequences should it be abrogated,” he said.

KCSDS  warns those who try to create confusion in people by weird interpretations and comments and appeals leaders and all sections of people across regions and religions to remain united in this fight against the onslaught of our survival.


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