KCSDS statement on KAS exam unfortunate, says qualified candidates



KAS-2016 Mains qualified candidates have termed the statement of Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS) unfortunate wherein they have stated that “those who have merit and had done well in the exams were missing in the list while quite average candidates unexpectedly figured in the list.”

KAS qualified candidates protest in Srinagar, KL image

In a statement issued here, KAS-2016 Mains qualified candidates said that this way of impinging on the authority of a constitutional body and that of judiciary where the case is under adjudication is unbecoming of civil society body.

“KCSDS needs to keep an informed and bipartisan stand on such critical matters so that justice remains impartial, fair and reasonable,” they said in a statement.

They said that for the information of KCSDS, KAS Mains results were declared by the Public Services Commission in the first week of December. Some who could not make it to the last stage of the examination process, resorted to social media alleging discrimination, fraud and errors by the Public Services Commission. They claimed the Commission has called ‘undeserving’ and ‘blue-eyed candidates’ for the interview.

“Naturally many other candidates who were declared unsuccessful felt disappointed, dissatisfied and perceived that injustice has been done with them by the Commission and this became a rallying point for many, leading ultimately to street protests until the  High Court intervened and treated the matter as Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on a petition by some aggrieved candidates and ordered status quo till January 28th,” KAS-2016 Mains qualified candidates said.

Meanwhile, the J&K PSC filed an SLP before the Supreme Court and the SC in its order allowed the PSC to complete the selection process, pending final disposal of the PIL before the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir.

They said that further, for the information of learned members of KCSDS, there is ample scope for grievance redressal in the Commission and the rules that govern its conduct.

“Rule 33 of Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (Business and Procedure) Rules provides that any candidate, who has taken the examination, may apply to the Controller of Examinations for scrutiny of his marks and rechecking of his results. Such applications shall be made within one month of the date of publication of the result in the J&K Government Gazette,” said the KAS-2016 Mains qualified candidates in a statement.

“In spite of these provisions, a few candidates resorted to protests, misleading other gullible candidates thereby creating a situation where the Court had to take the notice of the issue. The entire examination process has been derailed only because some candidates are disappointed or dissatisfied or perceive some injustice having been caused to them,” they said.

“Labeling qualified candidates as “average” is patently false and misleading on part of the KCSDS. All of the candidates, selected as well as non selected, have been evaluated through the same process on eight different papers that must have been evaluated by not less 10 to 12 highly experienced professors,” they added.

“Through this rigorous process, 963 have been declared as successful. How can then KCSDS call us “average” and doubt our merit and call those on streets meritorious? Have not all been through the same exam process? KCSDS should know that protesting on streets does not confer merit to any student and the silence is not the hallmark of an average,” they said.

“The unqualified candidates led by some habitual protestors have concocted malicious propaganda and put the careers of the entire body of aspirants at stake, including the ones studying for 2018 and 2019 KAS exams. Thus, it expected that in future a body like KCSDS issues informed press statement after due diligence and does not merely issue statements that have been drafted elsewhere,” said the candidates.

“Since the fairness in examinations is implicitly assured by the Commission, we have no reason to disbelieve that the Learned Commission would have looked into the aspect of efficiency and fairness in any method of evaluation,” they said.

“Besides, the matter is sub-judice. Courts under the august judgement and virtuous intellect will reexamine if any material error has been committed by examiners or the Commission.”

“We are assured that the justice will prevail, however, its our earnest request to the High Court and the Supreme Court to kindly expedite the case in the interest of thousands of aspirants who are part of this exam or who are preparing for the future exams,” KAS-2016 Mains qualified candidates in a statement said.


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