KCSDS to Government: Ensure Safety, Security of Citizens



KCSDS Wednesday said that it is anguished at the incidence of targeted killings of Civilians especially young boys at the hands of unidentified gunmen and other “security agencies”. It   strongly condemned the “studied silence” of the state government at these heart rending killings and demands the government to come clear on these murders and ensure safety and security of the citizens of the state.

“Asking for justice from the government is like asking for the Moon in Kashmir as every dirty and macabre deed is justified in the name of aggressive nationalism,” a KCSDS statement said.

According to KNS, “it also deplores the thrashing of the journalist, Javaid Malik and the lewd remarks passed on his wife by the security guards of agriculture minister for not quickly standing aside while his so called cavalcade was passing near Bagh-i-Mehtab.”

“Two crimes have been committed one after the other. Whereas  most of  the  civil society actors, political persons and orgs condemned the thrashing of the scribe and rightly so,  none has even mentioned  the lewd remarks  passed by the guard against his wife which is much more a serious crime of  enormous proportions  precisely because it is within the hearing of the minister  as it shows ‘a culture of tolerance’ of  ignominy  and sexual violence against women of  those  who  are  supposed to uphold the dignity and honour of citizens especially women. How could the minister first of all tolerate such lewd remarks against women for which Javaid Malik had to chase his cavalcade? The matter must be taken very seriously by the govt and sack not only the guilty cop but the minister who could withstand such despicable behaviour of his cops. Under the new laws of sexual violence there is stern punishment for verbal violence against women. This is basically a commentary on the state of affairs  in the state where the  ‘elected  representatives’ have become thugs and tyrannical despots  and take people for a ride every now and then Instead of serving them which is their mandatory responsibility They  humiliate , degrade and insult  citizenry at the slightest pretext. The thrashing of a journalist makes it much more abominable as it is actually attacking the watch dog of the govt and the society at large The VIPism has turned into gundaism and has become a huge nuisance for public in general. People of the state have a right to know wherefrom come the huge sums of money for the maintenance of an array of cavalcades when the common people are suffering for lack of salaries and essential facilities and in the present context flood affected people who are still waiting for govt assistance,” the statement said adding, “We impress upon the govt to do away with this ‘democratic’ despotism and ensure accountability of so called political elites, end highhandedness of the security structure and above all ensure respect to women which is due unto them and not as a concession! It is high time   to terminate this ‘elitist culture’ root and branch and promote egalitarian social order.”

“Present case can act as an acid test case for the govt of the day to show that it is willing to shed off its sluggishness and act promptly to ensure safety and dignity of the citizens and to end the culture of treating people as subjects.”

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