In connection with the Ganga Hijacking case, the prime witnesses as per reports didn’t appear in the court of law to record their respective statements.

As per the reports received by KNS, at the court of principle and session Judge Srinagar on June 22 a hearing was held of Ganga Hijacking case wherein the public prosecutor and Democratic Liberation Party (DLP) chairman Hashim Qureshi’s council advocate Riyaz Ahmad Khawar were present. During the past 15 years the hearings in connection with the Ganga Hijacking case are being held with Qureshi’s council on Tuesday praying before the court of law that he had sought plea of double jeopardy, and there are no prime witnesses against his client.

The council prayed before the court that under double jeopardy, an accused cannot be punished for a single crime to wise. Qureshi’s council said that Qureshi has already been sentenced in Pakistan and that he has the copy of the Supreme Court order which has been submitted before the court.


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