KEA condemns toll tax on south Kashmir highway


Terming the imposition of toll tax on south Kashmir highway as “fleecing”, the Kashmir Economic Alliance, Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Khan has demanded its immediate revocation.

In a statement, Khan, who also head the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation, said at a time when toll tax has been declared invalid even on expressways in metropolitans like that connecting New Delhi with Noida, the imposition of such uncalled for tax in turmoil-hit south Kashmir would further choke Kashmir’s economy.

Khans said the imposition of such tax within one region was injustice with the people who have been bearing the brunt of turmoil.

He said such measures would add to the alienation among the people in general and business community in particular.

“At a time when the government is expected to provide incentives to the people for the revival of economic activities, such taxes will only add to miseries through such fleecing,” he said.

Khan said such tax was also detrimental for the tourism sector and would send a bad signal in the industry.

Khan has appealed Governor SP Malik to personally look into the matter and get it revoked.


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