‘Keeping Local Stakeholders Out of Tourism Advisory Board Contemptuous,’ says NC




National Conference Sunday said PDP’s “internal organizational affairs were now under the direct oversight of the BJP and the RSS” and that PDP’s policy decisions came scripted from Nagpur.

NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said, “PDP had to seek formal approval from the BJP and RSS for every single organizational change within the party with RSS having a final say in all restructuring decisions.”

He lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for “leaving local stakeholders and tourism sector players out of the recently constituted Tourism Advisory Board” and said this was “in line with PDP’s trait of outsourcing policy-making forums outside the State”.

“Every single organizational change within PDP is first sent for proper approval to RSS, pending which no such change is implemented. RSS’s control of PDP is now total and complete and has been institutionalized into the party’s functioning. This is indicative of a completely ideological surrender by PDP with the sole aim of remaining in power.” Wani said.

“Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s unending praise of the RSS and the BJP was in line with the party’s subservience to these organizations which it ironically sought votes against. Mufti Sahab and Mehbooba Mufti sought votes against the BJP and the sad irony of today is that PDP is being formally and openly controlled by these organizations. PDP’s sell-out to the BJP and RSS represents the lowest ebb of politics. They embraced RSS with open arms with the sole purpose of making Mufti Sayeed the Chief Minister and to attain power for their own political and economic empowerment. They have no concern for the people and this has been proven beyond doubt by their cruel abandonment of the flood victims,” the NC Provincial President added.

“The PDP-BJP Government has recently constituted a ‘Tourism Advisory Board’ with big business houses and investors from outside the State while completely side lining local tourism and travel players who are the primary stakeholders in the Tourism Industry. This defeats the purpose of the Advisory Board as the Government should be taking the advice of those local players who have played a key-role in turning the Tourism Sector around in some of the most trying circumstances,” he further stated.

“This move of constituting a Tourism Advisory Board entirely consisting of business houses and investors from outside the State could be a more sinister plan of allotting key sites in the State to these hotel operators and owners at a cost of side lining the interests of the local players. This is extremely condemnable and contemptuous to our local tourism sector players and hoteliers. The Government cannot undermine their wisdom, their experience and their dedication in seeing the State’s Tourism Industry thrive,” Nasir Aslam Wani said.


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