Kejriwal To Launch Anti-Corruption Campaign In Kashmir


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After taking UPA government head on, former India Against Corruption activists and chief of newly launched Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal while declaring J&K as parallel to Bihar in corruption, announced his visit to Srinagar and Jammu for launching an anti-corruption campaign.

Arvind Kejriwal File Photo

According to sources close to Kejriwal, the activist along with local civil society activists intends to unveil corrupt practices of Politicians, officers and government functionaries to launch a comprehensive anti corruption movement in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) next month.

“J&K is badly affected by corruption like Bihar. I’m in contact and in consultation with various members of civil society, lawyers, retired bureaucrats , journalists and religious groups who in return are ensuring every kind of possible cooperation and are eagerly willing to fight against corruption in the State (J&K)”, said Kejriwal while talking to KNS over phone from New Delhi.

Kejriwal , while talking to local news agency,  KNS confirmed his visit to the state in near future and said that the  corruption in J&K is in every corner, weather it was civil or police administration, adding “Corruption in politics has become an every day story in J&K”.

He said that right to Information (RTI) act will be utilized to attain critical information necessary for exposing corruption in the state.

Expressing optimism over the cooperation from sincere people of the State, he said that people in the state like other parts of India are in favor of eradication of corruption.

Appealing people of State to come forward as active activist of his anti corruption campaign, he said the campaign needs clean and sincere man power. He appealed youth in particular and people in general to join hands for eradication of corruption and to support the campaign.

“I’ve initiated IAC along with Anna Hazareji but I’m not sure whether he will be able to visit Valley. Launching of an anti corruption campaign in J&K is need of the hour. Unless we fight against it, there (in J&K) people especially unemployed youths and weaker section of the society will not get justice”, he added.

Meanwhile,   local aides of the Kejriwal in Kashmir said that a survey is being done to compile systematic data of the corruption and corrupt officials in the state. “Some corrupt politicians and retired and sitting bureaucrats may be named along with the support of proof and evidence”, they added.


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