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Giving clean chit to administration, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) accused political leadership of incompetence and held them responsible for the mis-governance in the state.

Addressing public meeting in Rafiabad, PDP patron, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed said it is the same administration which delivered during PDP rule but unfortunately the selfishness within the present dispensation led by National Conference (NC) has rendered it meaningless and defunct.

Mufti in his address said that there is absence of pro people political direction which has led to point where administration has failed even in providing basic amenities like electricity, cooking gas, safe drinking water, roads and ration to the people.

The PDP patron attributed the prevailing administrative inertia in the state to the political ineptitude of NC that has not only bartered its own agenda but people’s sufferings in lieu of power.

“It is the lust for power that NC has never reached out or identified itself with the common masses whose miseries have witnessed a manifold increase since 2009,” Mufti remarked.

He said even if the dismal developmental situation because of mis-governance is same everywhere in the state but people living in rural and far flung areas are the worst suffers of the wrong policies of the present government.

Criticizing government over the LPG crisis, Mufti  said the prevailing gas crisis has once again exposed the present government which does not feel ashamed to see the people standing in long queues in freezing temperatures to get hold of a gas cylinder.

“I regretted that a gentleman had lost his life in pursuit of a gas cylinder and that should represent the lasting shame of the present coalition,” he said

Accusing government for introducing an element of discrimination in development, Mufti said the previous coalition had extended the development process evenly across regions and sub regions to all areas irrespective of political affiliations. He said though the entire state was facing acute problems on account of rampant corruption, mis-governance and political bankruptcy of rulers the government had singled out areas represented by opposition for maltreatment. He said the planning process had been subverted and the chief minister was utilizing plan funds as if it was his discretionary grant.

“This situation will change if  people of all areas use their vote like the residents of Pulwama – Shopian districts which had returned all the PDP candidates in last elections” Mufti said adding that would be a turning point in state’s history.

Mufti observed that during the last nearly four years the present regime has eroded and undermined all prestigious democratic institutions. Pointing towards inordinate delay in holding civic bodies’ elections without any reasons, he reminded the gathering that it was during the PDP led regime that elections of civic bodies were held after a gap of more than two decades. “Civic bodies elections were scheduled to be held in the month of February 2010 but the government has been delaying the elections without any reason”, he said and added that indifferent attitude to give powers to the Panchayats and inordinate delay in conducting civic bodies’ election reflects dictatorial mindset of the present dispensation.

PDP patron said that the present regime has dishonoured mandate of the people who had turned out in large number of cast vote in Panchayat elections which were held in the month of April 2011.  “Not only this government has humiliated elected Panchayat members but has also insulted those voters who had cast their votes with a hope to strengthen democratic institutions at grass root level,”he said. “With its assiduous efforts the PDP had restored peoples’ faith in the democracy but the present government headed by NC is brazenly trying to undermine the democratic institutions”, said Mufti and regretted that this regime has undermined the dignity and sanctity of the highest democratic institution like Assembly. “No discussion is allowed to be held in the Assembly”, he pointed out.

Speaking on the occasion, senior leader of PDP,  Muzaffar Hussain Beigh said the present coalition government has completely failed to reach out to people. “Today we are here not to seek votes from you and it is not any election time that we have gathered here to seek your support. But we want to express our apprehension that people will get disenchanted with the political process if the trend to disconnect with the people set by the National Conference led coalition government continued in future,” Beigh said.

Referring to the Omar Abdullah’s visits to different district in south Kashmir, Beigh said that it is not that he is interested in the problems faced by the people but to seek vote for their candidates nominated for Legislative Council elections.  “I wonder with what faith Omar seeks votes from the Panchs and Sarpanchs who have been humiliated to the hilt by his government. Even Omar Abdullah government failed to grant the inherent powers of the grassroots level representatives. This is the worst kind of political opportunism which Omar has exhibited by seeking votes from Panchs and Sarpanchs,” Baig observed.

On the claims made by Omar Abdullah that NC-Congress is a natural coalition, Beigh said where was this coalition when his party boycotted Congress calling it ‘Gandi Nali Ke keede’. “This is all about power. Sheikh Abdullah forged an alliance with Jawahir Lal Nehru for power and with certain differences that crept in the coalition fell apart. Then this party formed a coalition with Indira Gandhi for power that fell apart. Then Farooq Abdullah formed a coalition with Rajeev Gandhi again for power, but that coalition fell spaced out. Now Omar Abdullah is in coalition with Congress just for power and how can they claim it is a natural coalition. Where was this natural coalition when National Conference joined hands with BJP, RSS, Shiv Sena?” Beigh asked.


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