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Chief minister Omar Abdullah has said that PDP leaders are busy in a propaganda campaign against coalition government which exhibits their frustration of these leaders and their party.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who is also working President of National Conference Sunday said that thriving on blame game and pasting their own wrong doings and short comings on others has remained PDP’s trait.

“I have told you that for power sake they can go to any extent, circulate hatred, wage apart the society, use even people’s miseries and even  gun culture  simultaneously to put the state on fire”, Omar Abdullah said adding that people have witnessed these attempts and characteristics of PDP and its leadership time and again. “They cannot astray and fool people again and again”, he said.

“They (PDP leadership) are presently shedding crocodile tears to pretend that they have concern for Panchayats, when actually they opposed tooth and nail holding of Panchayat Elections in the State raising different speculations and advocating various reasons”, he said and questioned how PDP could be friend of Panches and Sarpanches when it (PDP) was against their very existence and tried its best to derail the panchayat election process?

Addressing large gatherings at Kupwara, Handwara and Langate in North Kashmir, the National Conference working President told Panches and Sarpanches to beware of the politicking of PDP leadership in the name of Panchayats.

“NC-Congress coalition has rejuvenated Panchayat Raj in the State after over 30 years. We have transferred powers and funds to you. You are to us just like children to parents. Our desire is to develop you and ensure your sustainable growth and strength. Empowerment of Panchayats is our policy and commitment”, he said adding that a powerful and viable Panchayat Raj is only assured under NC-Congress coalition as both parties share the principle of empowerment of grass root democratic institutions.

Omar Abdullah said those (PDP leadership) who talk of democracy today damaged the institutions during their tenure and made them non-functional. “Those  who talk of RTI Act now, did not allow J&K State Information Commission to be created during their time. They made Accountability Commission dysfunctional and torpedoed every institution functioning in the State for bringing in transparency in government functioning”, he added.

The chief minister said that his government took path breaking measures to make transparency rule the roost, bring the government functioning under full public scan, empowered people to receive public services in a time bound manner , authorized common man to ask questions to administration on every issue besides bringing Chief Minister and Ministers under the preview of Accountability Commission.

Omar said that his government constituted State Information Commission, reconstituted Accountability Commission, implemented Public service Guarantee Act, established Panchayat Raj system, made e-tendering and e-procurement compulsory for government departments, and made 3rd party monitoring of projects permanent feature for transparency.

“They (PDP leadership) cannot wipe out these historic initiatives of good governance implemented by the coalition government, by unleashing false and baseless propaganda against NC-Congress government”, he said adding that the performance of the coalition is glaring and cannot be eclipsed by the falsehood propagated by PDP against the NC-Congress government.

“This party’s (PDP) report card is so dim and dark and full of anti-people commissions and omissions, that they feel embarrassed when look towards it as such indulge in blame game and false propaganda”, he said and asked Panches and Sarpanches to vote enemas in favour of NC-Congress joint candidates to help flourish Panchayat Raj in the State and empowerment of Panches and Sarpanches.

Omar Abdullah said that PDP has become highly frustrated by the friendly ties between Congress and National Conference. He said that the holistic progress that has been achieved on both peace and development fronts and the status of inclusive and equitable development in the State achieved by the coalition government during the last about four years has also un-nerved PDP, as such, this party leadership has unleashed propaganda to survive. He said they try their best to damage NC-Congress bond but have failed. “You have to fail them again by showing unity at all levels”, he said.


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