Khalid Bashir’s book on history is out

SRINAGAR: Poet and historian, Khalid Bashir’s book on analysis of historical sources is finally out. It was published by Sage. The 412-page paperback is expected to be in market early July.

Kashmir: Exposing the Myth behind the Narrative is basically a thorough analysis of the historical sources on which Kashmir’s historic narratives are based. Adavent of Islam in medieval Kashmir gave birth to a narrative that describes forcible mass conversion of Hindus, eviction of aborigines and wanton demolition of religious symbols. A minority of Kashmiri Brahmans and their progeny who did not convert to Islam built and successfully perpetuated this narrative over the centuries. In the course of time, new elements were added to it. Following the eruption of armed insurgency in Kashmir and mass migration of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990, this community narrative has turned into the Indian mainstream view on Kashmir Pandits.

The book explores the authenticity of that narrative. It challenges the existing narrative through historical facts, and cross-referencing. It exposes many fallacies used to uphold this narrative and dissects the work of historians that has sustained a historical perception over a long period of time. The book links history to the present and facilitates an understanding of the situation today. The outstanding feature of the book is thoroughness in research and objectivity.

Khalid Bashir retired from government service recently. Starting as a journalist, he joined Information department and later became its director. He also headed the libraries department, archives department and the Cultural Academy also.

The overseas print of the book is scheduled to be launched in August.

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