‘Khalid’s Death Because of Bullet Injury’: Post Mortem Report says

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Khalid Wani
Khalid Wani

The post mortem report has shown ‘bullet injuries’ as the ‘cause of death’ of Tral youth Khalid Muzaffar Wani.

Khalid was killed in South Kashmir’s Kamala Forests of Tral town on April 14 this month. Family of Khalid alleged that Khalid was ‘tortured to death’ by army. Pertinently, army had said that Khalid, along with his friends, had gone to meet his militant brother, Burhan.

Father of Khalid had accused Army of torturing his son. Wani had said that his son was arrested and tortured to death and according to him there were no bullet marks on the body of Khalid.

Reliable sources informed CNS that the post mortem conducted by doctors has maintained that Khalid has died due to bullet injuries. Sources added that the post mortem report maintains that it were the bullet injuries that took the life of Khalid Muzaffar Wani.

An Army official from Chinar Corps told CNS that Chief Minister had stated that reality will surface and, “the realities of the Tral Encounter have started getting clearer”.

“The post mortem report puts bullet injuries as the cause of death, thus rebutting the claims that there were no bullet marks and Khalid died due to torture,” he said.


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