Khanday Resignation: Chief Minister Can Accede To Request Instantly



The outgoing chief secretary Iqbal Khanday at his office inside Secretariat.
The outgoing chief secretary Iqbal Khanday at his office inside Secretariat.

Officials handling voluntary retirement cases informed Kashmir Life that Chief Minister has been accepting the voluntary retirement of senior IAS officers. They were reacting to a top minister’s assertion that Khanday has skipped giving the mandatory notice.

“Any IAS officer can retire any time but in case of officers who have put in more than thirty years can retire voluntarily and Chief Minister can waive off notice period of three months,” an officer told Kashmir Life. “DOPT has no role in case of senior IAS officers as Chief Minister is competent enough to do it.” DOPT has role in cases where the applicants have not completed 20 years.

In the present case, Khanday, who has put in 37 years of service shall have to be accepted by the state government as it is permitted by the IAS service rules. The IAS service rules also provide for the state government can waive off the notice period.

Khanday has sought voluntarily retirement in relaxation of rules, a concession that only Chief Minister is competent to grant. “The application,” the office which has handled such cases in past said, “has not to go to the Union government because of the seniority involved.” Parvenu Dewan, another IAS officer has already availed this option quite recently. These rules are part of the IAS death-cum-gratuity rules.


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