Kichloo inaugurates Matigawran-Inshan-Marwah Road

KL Report


In a significant achievement of far-reaching benefits for the remote and inaccessible areas of Kishtwar district, the Minister of State for Industries & Commerce, PWD & Home Sajjad Ahmad Kichloo inaugurated the Matigawran-Inshan-Marwah road up to Nawapachi during his three-day long tour to Marwah. He also inaugurated the Puarana Kadal motorable bridge connecting Marwah to other areas of the district.

The construction of this road had been a long pending demand of the people of the area.  

While speaking on the occasion, Kichloo stated that the road will provide much-needed connectivity to the people of the catchment as they had to travel long distances on foot. “The road connectivity will boost economic activity in the region and attract visitors to the area which is bestowed with nature’s abundant beauty,” he said, adding that the construction of the road was an uphill task, keeping in view the rough and rugged terrain of the area.

The Minister said the Government is spending Rs. 220 crore on Kishtwar-Marwah Road to provide all-weather connectivity. 

The Minister stated that presently it will be a fair-weather road and the Government is considering making it a full-weather road by exploring the possibility of constructing Nawapachi-Chingam and Inshan-Matigawran tunnels. Marwah and Warwan remain snow-bound and cut off for seven months in winter.


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