When Information Dept Functioned From Troubled Waters

KL Report


When the major portion of Srinagar was submerged along with the media houses due to catastrophic floods, state’s information employees exhibited courage, making the office functional with one laptop and a landline connection.

Reports informed that as the dreadful waters entered into the city centre wherein the information department is also housed, it damaged the infrastructure, making it impossible for the employees to reach the inundated office.

“We had to shift to an unaffected government building so that we could discharge our duties. When radio and TV ceased to inform people and almost all newspaper offices were submerged under the water, we had to take a stand so that the turbulent time could be recorded,” one of the employees in the information department told KNS.

It was remarked further by the employees of the department that they had one laptop available with a dizzy internet line. “Actually, from the landline connection, we operated and accompanied almost all the state helmsmen to report their visits.”

They added that while accompanying chief minister Omar Abdullah in the flood torn areas, one of the information officer got injured severely. “He was shifted to the hospital in a severely injured condition. He was admitted and we continued to report in the troubled waters. Several of our officers strived to keep the department functional despite their own houses under the waters,” said a senior official of the department.


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