Killing of NC Activist: ‘VDCs are a Gang of Murderers, Criminals,’ says Hurriyat (m)



Condemning the killing of National Conference worker by Village Defence Committee (VDC) members in Rajouri, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (m) Tuesday said the state government “had organized a gang of murderers and criminals in the shape of VDCs, who had been instrumental in killing of many civilians in the past and who have been acting as tools of state-sponsored terrorism”.

The Hurriyat (m) in statement issued this evening said, “in Chenab Valley, ever since the formation of the VDCs, there have been demands for disbanding them and that the parties sitting in opposition today, who were now making noise, were also involved in having played their part in the creation and continuation of VDCs and therefore could not be absolved of this crime.”

“VDCs were created at the behest of communal elements of Jammu in order to harass the Muslims living in Chenab Valley and Jammu region where they are active to implement their agenda whereas the organizations who want to ensure peace and communal harmony in the region were helpless before them,” the statement said.

While describing the resumption of dialogue process between New Delhi and Islamabad “as a positive step”, the Hurriyat amalgam, however, cautioned that Kashmiris being the fundamental party to the Kashmir dispute cannot be left out of any process aimed at resolving this dispute.

“It is ridiculous to say that Kashmiris have no role because after all it is the future of the people of Jammu and Kashmir which is supposed to be decided in the dialogue process on Kashmir,” the statement added.

Condemning the raids carried in various areas of Shehr-e-Khaas and different districts of Kashmir valley for arresting youth and for detaining them in various police stations of Srinagar, the Hurriyat amalgam termed these incidents “undemocratic and uncalled for and said they were being framed in fake cases and the government was indulging in vindictive politics”.


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