Killing Of Youth In Masjid Un-Islamic: Geelani

KL Report


Hurriyat Conference (G) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday said that the killing of a youth in Sopore in a masjid was un-Islamic.

While strongly condemning the incident, Geelani said, that such killings carried out by the “undercover” and “unknown gunmen” were a menace and must be unearthed.

“Masjid is a place of peace. When the boy had taken shelter in it, he should have been spared, but I don’t know, who these people were. Who carried out this heinous act,” shocked Geelani told KNS.

He added that his heart goes out by such killings and underlined the need to uncover the assailants.

“On one side, we have the uniformed government forces playing havoc on our lives for which they are not held accountable. And now these unknown gunmen have began a new reign of terror,” Geelani said, and added that such acts were condemnable and disapproved b Islam.

“Such persons can’t be humans who kill a boy in a masjid. Holly Quran has clearly stated Masjid as place of peace, so how can anybody call himself a Muslim who spills blood of others in it,” the Hurriyat Chairman asked.

Geelani termed the killing as ‘unacceptable’ and said that he was personally grieved over the incident and should be condemned in every possible strong terms.

While indirectly referring to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Geelani said that his condemnation was not to please any one, but the Hurriyat (G) had a long term policy and stand to express their anguish over such incidents.

“We had been not only condemning the killings by unknown gunmen, but also used to visit the families of the victims to console them,” Geelani said and criticized the government for caging the separatist leaders.

Addressing the Chief Minister, he said, “You don’t see your own terror and atrocities. You muzzle the voices of people and suppress them on the directions of New Delhi and kill innocent people, and on the other hand you are ridiculing us for not openly condemning such incidents.”

Omar had accused separatists of resorting to double standards and had said that none of them was worried for the killings by unknown gunmen, while they make hue and cry when anybody is killed by security forces.


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