Killing Panchs A Conspiracy To Disintegrate NC: Beg


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Senior National Conference leader and Member Parliament, Dr Mehboob Beg Saturday said the killing of a sarpanch in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district was part of a conspiracy aimed at disintegrating the largest political group of the state.

“Some political conspiracy seems to be at work behind the killings and also that of NC Sarpanch at Kreeri Baramulla. People should realize why NC Activists and members including Panchs, Surpanchs, MLA’s and minsters have been gunned down since 90’s”, Beg said while talking to KNS. “How many PDP activists have been killed till now”, he asked while bringing into focus the possibility of a political conspiracy behind the killings.

He said that some conspiracy is being hatched to disintegrate the largest political group of the state. “But we will never let anybody succeed in such nefarious designs”, he added.

Pertinently earlier MoS Home, Sajad Ahmad Kichloo had emphasized the possibility of personal rivalry behind the killing of the Sarpanch, Javed Ahmad Wani. However, former MoS home and provisional president of NC, Nasir Aslam Wani had hinted at a Militant hand in the killing. However, senior NC leader and Minister for Panchayat Raj, Ali Muhammad Sagar had refused to rule out possibility of political rivalry or personal animosity behind the killing.

While commenting on continuous house arrest of Separatist leaders beg said, “It is painful and unfortunate, but these are the people who boasted so much about peaceful protests, but set whole Kashmir on fire in 2010”.

He said government is helpless and justified if it puts them under restrictions to prevent the law and order from going out of hand.

“Like separatists NC also fights for proper settlement of Kashmir issue but our way is non violent while as their actions lead to violence”, he added.

While commenting on demands from certain sections in India calling for arrest of JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on arrival from Pakistan for allegedly sharing state with Hafiz Syed, Beg said, “Creating so much of fuss over Yasin Malik’s arrest on his return to Delhi is wrong because such things will lead us nowhere. Yasin Malik has chosen non violent path so he has every right to protest peacefully”.


  1. when top leaders of NC smell personal rivalry why is Mr Beg blaming militants.If he is true by saying that it is a conspiracy to disintegrate NC then it must be a good news for Kashmiries andbcz whatever is prevailing in the state NC is responsible for that .


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