Kishtwar Violence: Justice Gandhi Completes First Leg Of Investigation

Asif Iqbal Naik
Justice retired R C Gandhi probing August 9 and 10th Kishtwar and Padder riots resulted into killing of three persons and wide scale loot and burning of government and public property Friday left for Jammu after completing the first leg of investigation in which Justice Gandhi visited four times to Kishtwar and once to Padder, beside cross examined 228 witnesses, canceled over 40 affidavits as the deponents of these affidavit submitters refuse to acknowledge the contents of the affidavits.
Justice  Gandhi also treated 22 affidavits as canceled after they fail to produce before the commission of inquiry despite repeated summoned.
On the last day, Justice Gandhi canceled 21 affidavits submitted by the residents of Padder as they while deposing before the commission stated that they only signed the affidavits written by the local advocate and have no knowledge about the contents written in it. On the bases of the statement of these 21 people, Justice Gandhi treated all the affidavits submitted by the Padder residents as canceled and fake, beside this he also ‘feels the affidavits might have been submitted to hoodwink the investigation.’
The sources within the commission said that Justice Gandhi might take up the matter of submission of fake affidavits either with the government or with the Chief Justice of High Court.
As far as the investigation in Kishtwar violence, the sources said that Justice Gandhi in next part of investigation will summon former SP and DC Kishtwar for questioning and cross examination at his Jammu office. The sources added that Justice Gandhi will also summon other government officers as well.
After completion of 2nd part of the investigation which is mostly dependent on cooperation from various government agencies, Justice Gandhi will start final drafting of the report and is likely to submit it in 2nd week of December 2013.


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