by Saifullah Bashir

SRINAGAR: Day before the Indian Premier League (IPL) started in Abu Dhabi, youngsters of Kashmir were excited. After all, this all is not about the game alone. Talk to them and they tell their tales beyond fours and sixes.

File pic of IPL stars

Their excitement has three key reasons. First a Kashmiri cricketer, Abdul Samad was playing in IPL. Samad from Rajouri has not performed bad so far. He has already played four matches.

Second is the thrill and rocket shots which everyone loves to watch during T-20 format. That is the visual delight of the game.

The last one and perhaps the newest thing is online bet apps, which allows a user to bet and earn money by betting on matches.

A youngster from Srinagar told this reporter that he installed two apps for the same. One is Dream-11 and another bet app. As IPL started, he transferred a few thousand rupees into his account.

As teams continue to play, this young man continues to win money. Though there is a probability of both win and loss. But according to him “if one plays smartly he can earn much money”.

The process of these apps is simple. In some apps, the user needs to create an account, predict or choose the option to an auto-generated question, and if the selected option will be right the user will be rewarded by already mentioned amount. If his prediction will not come true then the amount will be deducted from his account.

In some apps like Dream-11 user needs to select team, make the payment and the team with the highest point will win the contest. This young man said he started with Rs 49 and has so far earned Rs 4000. Pool prize in these apps goes up to lakhs of rupees.

These apps are not only for cricket game but for Hockey, Football, Kabadi and Basketwell also. Some apps even include some other sports which are not as mainstream as cricket or football could be.

According to reports, Dream-11, which is an India based fantasy sports platform, foresees having 100 million users by 2020. However, some states do not permit their citizens to use these apps. Also, minors are not allowed to use this app. States like Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland and Sikkim have restricted their residents to play pay-to-play formats of these apps.

Bet apps a new reason for Kashmir society to watch IPL

There is the other side to the story of this app. It is being seen as gambling, which is strictly forbidden in Islam. Abdul Rasheed who has studied Islam quoted from the Holy Quran: “They ask you (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) about intoxicants and game of chance. Say: In both of them there is a great sin and means of profit for men, and their sin is greater than their profit”. (2:219). He further added that parents should keep a check on their children so that they will not fell prey into those things.

Already, the fantasy app Dream-11 was challenged by some people in the court of law but the judgement provided legality to the company and allowed them to run their operations throughout the country.


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