Kousar Nag Tourist, not a pilgrimage destination: G A Mir

KL Report


Claiming that neither any permission was sought nor the state government approved any Yatra, the tourism minister and a senior Congress leader Ghulam Ahmad Mir Friday remarked that Kousar Nag is a tourist destination and not the pilgrimage destination.

Talking to KNS, G.A. Mir stated that the entire matter is local in nature and that the state government has no role vis-à-vis the Kousar Nag issue. “The fact of the matter is that some locals for worshipping near the Kousar Nag asked for the security from the state administration. The issue is now being given an unnecessary hype and in actual the tourism department has no intention in changing Kousar nag into a pilgrimage site,” Mir said.

He added further that Kousar Nag will always be a tourist destination and that no effort has been going on to convert it into any pilgrimage destination. “Some locals also worshipped near the stream last year. This is a usual prayer that the people offer near the Kousar Nag and calling it a Yatra is a misnomer.”


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