KP ‘Separate Townships’ Conspiracy to Turn Kashmir into Another Palestine: Yasin MaliK

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JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday said a separate homeland for Kashmiri pandits is actually a conspiracy to harm religious harmony in Kashmir and turn Kashmir into another Palestine.

Malik called for a protest rally and sit-in on Friday and a complete shutdown on Saturday against the move.

Castigating JK CM Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Malik said: “Mufti has been deputed in JK for implementing (Nagpur) RSS agenda in Kashmir.”

Malik was addressing a press conference at Srinagar’s Sangarmal, where he said: “People of Jammu Kashmir will never allow this conspiracy to succeed.”

Amid deliberate noisy debates on AFSPA, Malik said, Mufti Sayeed has started his work to fulfill RSS agenda on Kashmir.

He said that the main idea behind this agenda is to damage social fabric, religious harmony and basic Kashmiri ethics.

“Mufti Sayeed and his masters in RSS and BJP want to damage our thousands of years old religious harmony, unity, social ethics and above all composite culture so that Indian hegemony on Jammu Kashmir is prolonged and Kashmiris are divided on religious lines,” he said.

JKLF chairman said that Kashmiri pandits are part of Kashmiris’ soul. “They are masters of this land as we are and nobody can stop them coming to Kashmir or living here,” he said.

“It is our religious duty to safeguard non-Muslims as we have been directed by our Allah and his messenger prophet Muhammad (SAW) to do so. This is because of these teachings that Kashmiri Muslims despite odd times and difficulties kept the passion of mutual brotherhood, religious harmony and composite culture and living together intact and this is why despite large scale propaganda more than 10,000 Kashmiri pundits live here in Kashmir with harmony and peace.”

These Pandit brethren, he said, are running their hotels, schools, colleges, business establishments in Kashmir and face absolutely no problem while living in Kashmiri Mohallas and communities.

Yasin Malik said that Kashmiri Muslims did not shun this passion of religious harmony even in 1947.

“When Muslims were being massacred by RSS terrorists in Jammu we safeguarded our Pandit brethren and other non-Muslims in Kashmir and that is why even Ghandi Jee had to say that ‘if there is any ray of hope it is in Kashmir.’ ”

We safeguarded, he said, this passion in 2008 when food and medicine for our kith and kin was blocked in Jammu by chauvinists but we sheltered and provided food to Hindu pilgrims and other non Muslims.

Flood in September, he continued, also saw our caring attitude towards our non Muslim brethren.

Malik said that only few days ago, Kashmiri Pandit brethren took out a religious procession through Lal Chowk Srinagar on the occasion of Janam Ashtami and world saw how Kashmiri Muslims escorted them and welcomed them.

“Even today when any non-Muslim dies in Kashmir, Kashmiri Muslims are seen doing his last rites,” he said.

Malik said that this is reality of Kashmir but to create wedges between various faiths, to damage this unity, brotherhood, tolerance and religious harmony in Kashmir and to separate us from our Kashmiri Pandit brethren, Mufti Sayeed is fulfilling his master’s agenda is out with his anti Kashmiri agenda yet again.

“His PDP, RSS and BJP on one hand talk of composite culture and living together but on the other hand wants to divide people of Jammu Kashmir on religious lines and torpedo our social fabric for their pity political gains,” he said.

“Does this mean that thousands of Kashmiri Pandit brethren who are today living in Kashmir running their business etc should have to wind up all that and live inside walls created by rulers?”

Yasin Malik said that this is a dangerous agenda that will have great consequences on Jammu Kashmir.

He said that in 60’s Mufti Sayeed’s teachers did their bid to ruin Kashmir and brought Indian national congress here and tried their best to destroy our freedom and now mufti Mohammad Sayeed is trying to complete the job left by his masters.

“He (Mufti) is trying to get BJP in and do whatever he could to harm the interests of Kashmiri people,” Malik said.

He said that people of Jammu Kashmir above their religious and political affiliations are against this conspiracy and will not allow Mufti Sayeed and his master to fulfill and implement their dangerous agendas.


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