‘KP Townships’ Would be Israel in Making, says Nayeem Khan


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Pledging that Kashmiris won’t allow any separate ‘townships’ for migrant Pandits in the valley, National Front Chairman, and Hurriyat (JK) leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Wednesday, however, said that pandits should come and mingle with the majority as they were earlier.

“It will be an act to create another Israel in the valley,” Khan said.

“It is a deep rooted conspiracy of New Delhi and its local collaborators to kill the strong sentiment of freedom,” he said adding, however, “we, Kashmiris, have successfully defeated every evil design of India and we pledge to do the same with the latest anti-Kashmir move.”

Settling Kashmiri Pandits in separate Townships will not be allowed to happen as it is detrimental to the interest of every community living in Kashmir, he said.

“Kashmiri Muslims are not communal; however, New Delhi and its local collaborators are trying everything to give their genuine freedom movement a communal colour. Nobody in Kashmir is against the return of pandits to their homeland but separate townships as New Delhi and its collaborators are proposing will never be allowed to establish,” Khan said adding, “It is not permissible to make Kashmir a communal laboratory.”


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