KP’s to be reintegrated as part of society, not as an isolated community: Govt

KL Report


After fierce reaction from various sections in valley against the decision of ‘exclusive settlement’ of Kashmiri Pandits and call for shutdown and protests prompted state government to clear that the Kashmiri Pandits are a part and parcel of the traditional Kashmiri ethos and they would be reintegrated into their native place as a part of the society and not as an isolated community.

Discounting as misconstrued, misconceived and mischievous the impression being created by certain quarters regarding establishment of exclusive habitations for Kashmiri Pandits, an official spokesman said the society and the Government is committed to facilitate reintegration of migrant Pandits in their homeland with honor and dignity without compartmentalizing them as an isolated community.

“As has been already made clear by the Chief Minister, the migrant Pandits are most welcome to return and resettle at the places of their choice, and various initiatives have already been taken by the State Government to bring them back with honor and dignity,” spokesman said.

He added that “the Government is keenly awaiting the return of migrants and they will be resettled at their original places of inhabitation with honor and dignity,” added that the migrants from all the communities who have no land and properties left in Kashmir, can be accommodated in the composite township, if they desire so.

The spokesman said the creation of exclusive enclaves for migrants, as was done at Sheikhpora, Budgam, has not worked as most of the Pandits who wanted to return to the Valley preferred to resettle at their ancestral places.

He said braving the hazards of turmoil in Kashmir, several Kashmiri Pandit families continue to live harmoniously with their Muslim brethren in various parts of the Valley.

“The Kashmiri Pandits have every right to return to their ancestral land and get reintegrated in the society to revive the age-old tradition of brotherhood and amity,” he said and added that any facility for the purpose won’t be either religion or community-specific.


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