KU Academics Sensitize Readers about Need of ‘Digitised Libraries’

Ubeer Naqushbandi


The understanding of ‘digitised libraries’ is lacking among masses and mind set of traditional library system is still prevalent in Kashmir, say academics at University of Kashmir.

“We are a bridge between authentic sources of information and general masses,” said Zahid Ashraf, assistant professor at the department.

“In this age of latest technology there is lot of information available and our job is to provide factual information in the least possible time,” said Rosy Jan, colleague of Zahid.

“We have been conducting various programmes to sanitize regarding the value of digitised libraries and today’s program under EFDL (emerging frontier of digitised libraries) is third one of the series. What our digitised libraries provide is they help in the dissemination of right knowledge among aspirants in shortest possible time,” Zahid added.

Prof Nadeem Akhtar Khan, who expertizes and teaches IT at the department said, “concept of digitised libraries helps professionals like doctors, engineers, writers and various others to keep abreast with latest happenings in their particular fields.”

The department organised a two day UGC sponsored seminar titled “Emerging frontier of digital library”.


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