Kulgam, Dooru killings: political class unites in condemnation

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The government has not permitted any political being to visit Batagund or the Vessue hamlet where the two persons were killed in mysterious incidents. One was an erstwhile Sarpanch and another a fisheries employee.

The political class, from both sides of the ideological divide has condemned the twin killings. This is despite the fact that state police chief K Rajindra Kumar has indicated that the police have launched investigations in to the twin killings. “We are investigating the matter,” Kumar was quoted saying by a news gatherer on Sajad malik’s killing. “We are also concerned about it.” In case of fisheries department employees killing, he has said they have launched a probe.

Sharply reacting and condemning the cold blooded murder of Asadullah Kumar, Hurriyat (g) said that those claiming the credit of ‘’normalcy’’ should introspect themselves as they are solely responsible for the innocent killings on daily basis.

As per media reports the deceased was on his duty and was not participating in any protest or there was no gun battle in the vicinity. Hurriyat said that beating the drum of “peace and development” by these shameless killers is nothing but a deceptive slogan to regain their lost ground. Hurriyat said using guns for suppression and then clamming “normalcy” is hilarious and misleading.

Strongly condemning the custodial killing of Sajad Ahmad Malik, Dukhtaran-e-Millat Sunday said that unmanned and uncontrolled police force gets the applause from its masters to kill their own people. They have let lose the spree of blood-shed as they are encouraged by Delhi and its local puppets, turning this whole place into a police state.

“These brutal acts have been stage-managed for decades here and perpetrators and killers are still free,” the spokesperson said.

Delegation led by Congress state chief G A Mir stopped to move forward (Image: JKPCC)
Delegation led by Congress state chief G A Mir stopped to move forward (Image: JKPCC)

Dukhtaran-e-Millat also strongly condemned the brutal killing of Asadullah Kumar, a 39-year-old government employee, of Kulgam district by government forces.

The spokesperson said in absence of any accountability, the unbridled and trigger-happy forces and police were working on a plan to carry out the genocide of Kashmiris by killing them under one pretext or the other, which was extremely unfortunate and a matter of serious concern.

National Conference on Sunday condemned the detention of its legislators from South Kashmir in Anantnag while they were on their way to Dooru and said this incident had yet again exposed the tyrannical and anti-democratic creed of the current PDP-BJP dispensation.

National Conference Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said the detention of party legislators Altaf Ahmed Kaloo, Abdul Majeed Larmi and Dr Bashir Ahmed Veeri indicates the desperation of the Government in trying to hide what has happened in Dooru.

Three NC lawmakers being stopped by police from going to Dooru. (Pic: NC)
Three NC lawmakers being stopped by police from going to Dooru. (Pic: NC)

“Detaining legislators and disallowing them from reaching out to the people is extremely tragic and highly condemnable. This has exposed Mehbooba Mufti’s tall claims of allegedly working towards the restoration of normalcy in the State. When legislators are detained and not allowed to visit a specific area to ascertain the truth – all claims of the Chief Minister stand exposed as hollow rhetoric”, the NC Provincial President added.

The NC Provincial President also condemned the manhandling of its legislators by the Police and said this was being done at the insistence of the State Government. “Now that the PDP-BJP opportunistic alliance is facing unprecedented revolt and dissent after wreaking havoc with the State, it has stooped to the level of curbing the space for democratic opposition even within the mainstream. The Chief Minister should introspect and realize that she is pushing the people towards the wall and testing their patience with every passing day”, Nasir Aslam Wani said.

“What is the Government trying to hide in Dooru that it is disallowing mainstream leaders and legislators from visiting the area? It is evident that something unacceptable and terrible has been done in Dooru and we have demanded a judicial probe into both the Dooru incident and the killing of a government employee in Kulgam recently”, the NC Provincial President further said.

“We will keep reaching out to the people and such anti-democratic and desperate acts of the State Government will not deter us nor change our resolve. Thousands of young men have been indiscriminately implicated in cases and arrested in a repressive operation to curb the unrest and we will stand with all those who have been oppressed and intimidated”, the NC Provincial President added.


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