KU’s IKS Doesn’t Know How to Conduct Itself!

Mohammad Raafi


University of Kashmir
University of Kashmir

The foreign students at University of Kashmir suffered enormously at the cost of administration’s ineptitude even as the varsity brags endlessly about courting students from other countries.

The latest crises arose when an Afghan student who graduated from the varsity sought an authorization letter that would have validated her degree. “But none in KU administration had any idea where she could have gotten it,” sources told Kashmir Life. The interesting part of the story is, the sources added, “that the officials in the Institute (Institute of Kashmir Studies – IKS) wherefrom she graduated were surprised what she was looking for.”

The student moved from pillar-to-post to procure the document but succeeded only letting the authorities exhaust her.

“Some Kashmiri friends helped her and established contact with officials of Education Ministry, J&K Government, who advised her to come over to Jammu,” sources revealed.

The premises of Institute of Kashmir Studies (IKS), University of Kashmir.
The premises of Institute of Kashmir Studies (IKS), University of Kashmir at Hazratbal.

The aggrieved student stayed in Jammu for a night (last week) only to seek who the nodal officer designated to issue her the document was. “It turned out that Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, had already endowed such designation up on principals of two colleges; one in Jammu another in Kashmir,” they said.

The student then procured the document, got it stamped, and flew to Delhi on Tuesday (April 12, 2016) afternoon but not before realizing the cost of administrative “incompetence” involving getting things done in Kashmir!

After getting to know the procedure, the sources said that the student was suggested to fly back to Kashmir from Jammu and get her documents attested by Principal Amar Singh College. “Because she had already got exit permission from Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) Srinagar so it was impossible for her to return.”

“It was a simple authentication seal which was supposed to be stamped by the Amar Singh College Principal being one such nodal officer in Kashmir division, however, same was done by Government Ghandhi Memorial Science College Jammu counterpart,” a student said, “this speaks of the incompetency of authorities at the helm.”


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