KUSU Condemns Killing of Tahir, Arrest of Basharat from Campus

KL Report


Accusing Army of unleashing terror, Kashmir University students Union (KUSU) has strongly condemned the killing of Tahir Ahmad Sofi in Baramulla.

In a statement issued here, KUSU also condemns the detention of Basharat Ahmad, a research scholar, who was arrested by J&K police in campus today. KUSU calls for his immediate release.

“The killing of Tahir Sofi is part of a systematic escalation of oppression against Kashmiris, especially the youth. Youth are the bulwark of Kashmir freedom movement and India is going out its way to oppress them into submission,” KUSU said in a statement.

“India must realize that its beastly oppression against Kashmiris will only embolden our resistance and thirst for freedom,” it added.

While reiterating its support for freedom movement, KUSU said, “geo-political scenario may be in favour of India and its tyrannical hegemony in Kashmir at the moment, but it will not remain the same. History is witness to the fact that occupiers and oppressors have eventually crumbled under the weight of the pious blood of the martyrs.”

KUSU appeals to the Muslim world to take note of the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir and act forthwith.


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