KUTA protests against civilian killings, seeking justice for Asifa


Kashmir University Teachers Association (KUTA) staged a protest demonstration at the University of Kashmir on Tuesday, against recent civilian killings in South Kashmir and against the despicable attempts of communalization, politicization and protection of the perpetrators and conspirators of the rape and murder of minor girl Asifa at Kathua, Jammu.

The spokesman in a statement said scores of General Body members participated in the protest demonstration and demanded justice for Asifa through the constitution of a fast-track court. They also demanded that the real culprits and co-conspirators behind this heinous crime must be punished in accordance with law as early as possible.

KUTA demands that no criminal should be shielded by any politician or any other organization by overt or covert means since communalization and politicization of crime will wreak havoc in our society, lead to polarization and thereby pave way for widespread crime and anarchy.

KUTA members also condemned disproportionate use of force against civilians in Kashmir that has resulted into several deaths in the recent past and have demanded an immediate end to the indiscriminate use of firepower and pellet guns against unarmed civilians.

KUTA spokesman has stated that the bloodshed must stop immediately and the government must initiate a meaningful political process and dialogue with all stakeholders in order to resolve the Kashmir imbroglio in accordance with just and legitimate wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

KUTA has also demanded that the government forces must exercise restraint and the clout of impunity imparted to them by draconian laws like AFSPA must be withdrawn so that they are held accountable for any civilian killings taking place in the valley. It also demanded that the government must give full protection to all its citizens whom it claims to represent.


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