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The resolution for the return of the mortal remains of Afzal Guru, moved by independent legislator Engineer Rashid, will not be admitted in the house this session as same was not drawn out of the balloting process held on Tuesday.

According to KNS correspondent balloting the resolutions moved by various legislators was held on Tuesday in Assembly secretariat Jammu.

Engineer Rashid told KNS that in his absence the balloting was done on resolutions and alleged that it was a deliberate attempt to sabotage the resolution. “It was informed that balloting will be done on March 24 at 5 P.M. I made my presence at 4.45 P.M but was told that the balloting had been already done at 2 P.M. It is a murder of democracy and on diktats of New Delhi, they run the house in Jammu and Kashmir. This is nothing but a clear injustice and anarchy. I will expose such measures before the outer world so that people come to know what the true face of democracy is here,” Rashid said, while pledging that he will continue his struggle to bring back mortal remains of Afzal Guru.

Meanwhile, contesting Rashid’s claims, secretary Legislative assembly Mohammad Ramzan told KNS that on March 20, in a bulletin it was informed to all members that the balloting will be held on 24 March at 1.35. “There is no question of balloting being held at 5 P.M on Tuesday. It is very much in the records that we have intimated all members that balloting process will start at 1.35 P.M,” secretary L.A said.


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