Ladakh Administration Harassing Jammu Based Tanker Drivers, Driver’s Union Allege

SRINAGAR: Jammu based tankers drivers carrying petroleum products including Petrol, diesel, kerosene and Aviation fuel supplies to Ladakh are deliberately harassed by authorities there in Ladakh, these serious allegations are made by Jammu and Kashmir Oil & LPG Tank Truck Drivers and Cleaners Union, the premier representative body of fuel carrying vehicles drivers.

In an appeal to the Union government, ministry of Petroleum Natural Gases and Lieutenant governor of Ladakh, the Drivers’ union said that on the name of Covid Protocols the poor Jammu based drivers and cleaners are harassed by the civil administration of Ladakh for the reason best known to them.

Ranjit Singh Raina, president of the drivers union informed that as per the guidelines of the union government the drivers and crew of vehicles carrying essential supplies should not be subject to harassment and they must be provided a free passage. He said that despite repeated telephonic prayers to the civil administration of Ladakh regarding harassment of Jammu based tankers drivers no positive action taken by them and the drivers are forcefully put to quarantine where they are not provided adequate daily needs and proper hygiene facilities.

Giving further details Union Spokesperson S Harasis Singh also submitted that everyday their union receives 5 to 10 telephone calls from drivers and cleaners regarding misbehave, humiliation and harassment by civil administration of Ladakh and presently over 3 dozen Jammu based fuel tank drivers are forcefully kept in isolation there in Ladakh.

The Spokesperson further added that in case their genuine demands are not considered then their union may be compelled to take some difficult decisions regarding continuation of fuel supplies to Ladakh region.




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