Ladakh Employs Robots To Clean Manholes

SRINAGAR: The cold desert region of Ladakh has joined 17 other states in India to engage the Bandicoot robots to clean manholes.

Ladakh Ladakh Employs Bandicoot robots to clean manholes

However, Ladakh is the first cold region to engage these robots which have been specially designed to operate in cold temperatures and can easily navigate through confined spaces.

The robot is equipped with a powerful robotic arm to remove debris, sediment, and other obstructions. It is also equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras to detect potential problems and locate any blockages that may be present. The robot can be programmed to automatically clean the manhole and report the results to the municipality’s staff.

Bandicoot’s entry into Leh was ensured after winning the Swachhata Startup Award from Swachh Bharat Mission -Urban by the Ministry of Housing and Urban.

Earlier, the municipalities used to engage sanitation workers to effectively clean manholes which used to severely affect the health of these people. The harsh climate of Leh made it even worse.


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