Lajpat Nagar Blast Case: 02 Kashmiri Victims Arrested Again

KL Report


The Delhi police have again taken into custody the two Kashmiri Boys, Mirza Nisar Hussain and Mohammad Ali Bhat who were earlier acquitted by the Delhi High Court after 16 years of imprisonment for Lajpat Nagar Blast case.

The MP, former union minister and President J&K Pradish Congress Committee Prof Saifud Din Soz has taken up the issue with Prime Minister of India.

As per a statement, Prof Soz has said, “Prime Minister has written to me that he has asked the Home Minister to look into the matter of re-arresting two Kashmiri boys  after they had remained in jail for 16 years.”

In a letter to the Prime Minister on April 12, 2013, Prof Soz had complained to him (PM) that “Delhi Police had displayed atrocious behavior by re-arresting two Kashmiri boys Mirza Nisar Hussain and Mohammad Ali Bhat (of Srinagar Kashmir) after these two boys had been incarcerated for 16 years in jail.  The Delhi High Court had in a decision declared the two gentlemen as innocent and asked for their immediate release.”

Prof Soz had also complained to the Prime Minister that Delhi Police had “indulged in dereliction of duty by implicating innocent persons in false cases  and now that they had been released under court orders, they had been arrested again in a different case.”

The JKPCC has requested the Prime Minister, “The two incarcerated boys should be released immediately and the Police Officers responsible for false prosecution should be brought to justice.” He has also raised the question as to “how Delhi Police could be allowed to incarcerate these persons for another term of 16 years.  I had further raised the question as to why the other case was not instituted simultaneously.”

Prof Soz has said that after the PM’s reply, “I feel confident that I will succeed in seeking justice to and adequate compensation for these two persons, who have already suffered immense hardships.”


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