Land Laws: Police Interrupt A Symbolic Protest


SRINAGAR: Police on Monday arrested a number of people who had come to Srinagar Press Colony to protest against the promulgation of the new land laws. They were led by former teacher and trade union leader Abdul Qayoom.

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Police detaining former politician and trade union leader, Abdul Qayoom Wani, who, along with his colleagues protested against the new land laws in Srinagar on November 2, 2020. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur

Police had information in anticipation of the symbolic protest and the venue was crowded with cops and paramilitary men. As the group of people reached, they displayed their placards. Some of them did talk to the awaiting TV reporters. The placards were suggesting a dismissal of new land laws, the binning of state subject system and the curbs on freedom of speech.

As they started marching, the cops drove their awaiting vehicles closer to them and took them away. It was not immediately known if there is a formal FIR against any of them or the entire group.

Well before the Qayoom Wani led group would march towards the main street, the police quickly bundled them into their vehicles and driven them to the police station. Wani and his group had come for a symbolic protest against the new land laws on November 2, 2020. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur

Wani has been the leaders of the powerful teachers association. Eventually, he would head the EJAC, one of the powerful trade unions of the employees of Jammu and Kashmir. He later resigned and unsuccessfully contested the Lok Sabha election. In anticipation of the reading down of Article 370, police arrested him. After his arrest, he remained at home and has been running some civil society. The Monday symbolic protest was Wani’s first public appearance in more than a year.



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