Land sinking in upper reaches of Chadoora


Agricultural and residential land in almost a dozen villages in Chadoora area of this district is sinking due to continuous wet weather for the last fortnight.

Land sinking in upper reaches of Chadoora

In a statement, Raja Muzaffar Bhat who is Chairman and Founder of RTI Movement said around one dozen villages in upper reaches of Chadoora with loose Karewa soil were seriously affected as the land was constantly sinking and eroding at many places.

“Agriculture and residential land in Goggee Pathree , Wangwas , Kutbal , Jeddan , Surasyar , Branwar , Neegu, Jabbad and adjoining villages is constantly sinking from last two weeks due to constant wet weather. As authorities are busy with COVID-19 work this issue is not taken seriously by administration,” he said.

The activist sought immediate intervention of Lt Governor and Divisional Commissioner Kashmir to address the issue.

“I appeal Lt Governor, Divisional Commissioner and District Magistrate Budgam to immediately send a team of experts to these villages so that steps as deemed fit are taken to ensure no loss of life and property,” the RTI activist said.

He appealed authorities to provide tents or prefab material to people whose houses have been damaged, “said Bhat in a statement.

Pertinently in April 2015 more than 16 persons from a single-family had died in a land sinking incident at Leddan village of Chara e Sharif. Hundreds of kanals of land in Chadoora subdivision of Budgam district is sinking inch by inch daily.


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