Landslides: Thousands spent night on the road

Aakash Hassan


Hundreds of vehicles are stranded on Jammu Srinagar Highway after highway blockade due to massive landslides through the Ramban stretch.

The traffic was scheduled to ply from Jammu to Srinagar, but there was abrupt halt after a hillock slides at Karul Bridge, four Kilometers short of Ramban at quarter to nine.

There was complete jam on the road and the passengers had spend whole day between Udhampur Ramban Strip.

As the main road could not be cleared, Traffic police had diverted traffic through Matra link road, however due other massive landslides at Digdol , the route was also closed.

Earlier talking with Kashmir Life, I G traffic said that more than 1700 vehicles are stranded.

People are anguished due to the unprecedented, closure of the only link to valley.

Hundreds of people will spend the night in the vehicles and influential people have already booked the huts and guesthouses along the road, reports confirmed.

“All the vacancies are full and we are getting calls from top level to accommodate more,” said an official.

People are suffering badly as they have already spend more than 15 hours in their vehicles.

95 Junior players who were returning from 23rd Thangta National championship at Hyderabad are stuck also in two busses. These players, boys and girls, are aged between 10-18 years and had earlier requested for help.

Coach of the team, Aijaz Ahmad while talking with Kashmir Life said that, we left from Jammu at6:30 in morning and are struck near Nashri from 2 pm.

Kashmir Life talked with DSP Ramban  who termed the condition on Highway very bad.

“There are more slides and everything is halted. This is worst situation we have deled in the recent past,” he said.

However he could not tell the number of vehicles stranded.

“We are clearing the road and it will take time, for now I cannot say anything,” he said.


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