Lassa Khan – An Inspiration and Epitome of Struggle: ISL



ISL members at Lassa Khan's home.
ISL members at Lassa Khan’s home.

Extending “heartfelt condolences” to the bereaved wife of late Muhammad Lassa Khan on his demise, Islamic Students League (ISL) Sunday termed Khan’s whole family an inspiration and epitome of struggle for “freedom movement” of Kashmir.

“Not only shouldering coffins of his four brave sons and two nephews, Muhammad Lassa Khan had been arrested and tortured countless times by occupational forces for being father of brave freedom fighters,” said Sheikh Musaib, ISL president.

“Due to intense torture, his right kidney was damaged and his right hand was fractured permanently. His house was first forcibly occupied by Indian troops and then was blasted along with his cowshed.”

Despite all these brutalities, Musaib said, Khan never bowed down before the “occupation and continued to support the sacred struggle for freedom”. In his endeavour, his wife and the mother of brave “martyrs” always stood behind him with full courage, the ISL president said.

“These unmatchable sacrifices of this family form an unforgettable, golden and inspirational chapter in history of our resistance movement. The whole nation is truly indebted to this family and its sacred sacrifices.”


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