LC Chairman Directs Govt To Take Reservation Issue Seriously

KL Report


Chairman, J&K Legislative Council  Amrit Malhotra directed the government to look into the matter regarding issuance of RBA certificates, so that genuine beneficiaries do not get deprived of their rights.

The Chairman passed these directions when several members expressed apprehensions on the issue.  Replying to main Calling Attention Notice by Dr. Shehnaz Ganai, the Minister of State for Power and Information,  Vikar Rasool informed that the J&K Reservation Act, 2004 and rules made there under notified vide SRO- 294 dated 21.10.2005. “Under section 21 clause (iii) provides that a person claiming benefit for being resident of Backward area or area near the Line of Actual Control must establish that he/ she has resided in the area for a period not less than 15 years before the date of application and is actually residing in the said”, he maintained.

The Minister said, however, a person may not be dis entitled from claiming this benefit only on the ground that his/ her father or person on whom he/she is dependent is living in a place which is not identified as Backward area or area near Line of Actual Control on account of his employment, business or other professional or vocational reasons.   Vikar said the provision has been kept in the rules to avoid availing of undue benefit by the vested interests. He said as the people may play mischief on the grounds of fake marriages and the spirit of the Reservation Rules will get defeated thereby, benefit of genuine peoples will be snatched by the ineligible persons.


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