Legal Metrology Department penalises erring bakers


Field executives of the Legal Metrology Department under the supervision of Deputy Controller on Tuesday conducted a surprise inspection of bakers in the areas comprising of Dalgate, Gagribal, Buchwara, Ishber Brain etc. and booked 9 erring bakers for violating Legal Metrology Laws.

The department had received the complaints from the residents of Ishber that the bakers of the area are coercing them to buy Kashmiri Tsot and Lawasa for Rs 10 instead of Rs 5. The Director Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Kashmir has recently issued a rate-list according to which rate of Rs 5 has been fixed for 55 gram of Kashmiri Tsot, Tsochwaroo and Lawasa.

Some of the bakers were found without the Weighing Scales and weights or using un-reverified weights and measures. A compounding fee of Rs 6600/- was collected from the erring traders.


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