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Independent legislator and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid Friday demanded aboliton of upper house of state legislature and alleged that Legislative Council has become ‘rehabilitation centre for political renegades’.

“While commenting on the nomination of eight members to the legislative council, Rasheed stated that barring a few, a majority of these members do not fit into constitutional criteria of being capable for these  positions,” a party statement said.

“Governor  NN Vohra  who takes much pride in calling himself the guardian of moral standards should have  returned  the nomination file back to the government as majority of these nominees lack the desired competence and efficiency and have simply been handpicked,” Rasheed alleged.

“Legislative Council Institution has become rehabilitation center for political renegades and  losers . Legislative Council is acting as looter of state coffer. On one hand Government claims it is  short of financial resources and on the otherhand runs this economically cumbersome institution of Legislative Council to rehabilitate political renegades which shows lack of vision on part of the government and in a way this institution disrespects the peoples mandate and it is now high time to abolish this institution if we are serious in achieving political transparency,” the statement quoting Rasheed as having as said.


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