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 All Parties Migrants Co-ordination Committee (APMCC) Friday condemned the separatist leaders, National Conference and Er Rasheed “for their opposition to the return of Kashmiri Pandit migrants to Valley in composite townships and questioned the credibility of J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohd Sayeed for changing his stance under pressure from Hurriyat”.

According to a statement, APMCC chairman Vinod Pandit said, “there was a nexus between National conference and Hurriyat as both along with Er Rasheed were talking in same language when it comes to the return of Pandits to Valley.”

He said, “it was KPs prerogative when to return, where to return and how to live saying nobody can dictate terms to them adding separatists and mainstream political parties were befooling GOI over township issue knowing well that majority of KPs were forced to sell their land and property in Kashmir.”

Another APMCC member, King Bharati said, “the announcement and the whole idea was ill-timed and irrelevant as the real stakeholders are never taken into confidence over the return of Pandits to Valley. Separate townships was a necessity to keep unique tradition and rituals of Kashmiri Pandits intact.”

He demnded constituting of “National Level Apex Committee” comprising “ground level leaders under the direct supervision of Government of India” to formulate any return plan adding only KPs themselves would decide how and where to live.


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