Lend me hand in peace effort, I promise prosperity: Omar to people

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CM-20 - CopyAsking people to continue lend him their hand in maintaining peace in the State, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Wednesday promised them speedy march towards prosperity. He underlined tranquility significantly necessary to carry forward equitable development and holistic progress in all areas and of all sections of the society.

According to a government spokesman Omar said, “Peace is pre-requisite to prosperity, and public support to maintain peace is fundamental necessary.” He thanked people of Jammu and Kashmir for “showing wisdom and maturity” in helping the government to contain the “peace inimical and disruptive forces” and foiling their “ill designs of dividing people.”

The Chief Minister told the people to be vigilant against “anti-peace elements” and contribute positively in maintaining tranquility and harmony in the State. “I do not ask you for vote or anything else at present, I only want you to continue your support to me in maintaining peace and tranquility in the State as the peace and harmony are important above everything and pre-requisite for development, employment and welfare of the people”, he maintained.

 Addressing a huge public gathering at Gund Khawaja Qasim in Pattan area of Baramulla District, the Chief Minister said, “Certain politicians wearing black spectacles refuse to see the sea-change brought about by the present dispensation on peace and development fronts in the State. They feel unhappy to witness the success of the coalition government when they compare it to the failures in their tenure”, he said while referring to PDP leadership.

Without naming Mufti Mohammad Sayed, the Chief Minister said that a political leader who remained Home Minister of the Country and the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir is now demanding 40 assembly seats to address Kashmir issue which he all together forgot when he was in power. “This is yet another manipulation, deception and gimmick on the part of this political leader who never talked of Kashmir issue when in chair as Chief Minister of the State and Home Minister of the Country.”

“They possess a set mind of willy-nilly obtaining power to relish it, otherwise they will not do anything even if given 80 Assembly seats”, he asserted and criticized PDP leadership without naming them. He said the leadership of PDP is responsible for imposing AFSPA in the State for the revocation of which, he (Omar Abdullah) is striving hard and working at all levels. He asked PDP leadership as to why it didn’t talk about Kashmir issue when in power even as they blew their own trumpet and gave false impression of being instrumental in the opening of Uri-Muzaffarabad road.

Omar Abdullah said that despite having only 28 MLAs, National Conference with the help of its coalition partner Indian National Congress implemented historic Rehabilitation Policy for return of Jammu and Kashmiri youth from across the border who had not resorted to gun and wanted to live a peaceful life.

Omar Abdullah referred to recent events in Gool, Budgam and Kishtwar and cautioned the people against the designs of the vested interests who want to create conflict between Kashmir and Jammu, Hindu and Muslim and Shia and Suni to polarize the society. He said these elements become active when elections draw near so that they create hatred between various sections of the society for vote bank politics. He asked the people to defeat these elements firmly and not to fall prey in their trap.

Omar Abdullah referred to various initiatives taken by his government for public empowerment and made special reference to the Public Services Guarantee Act. He said some 69 services of important public utility have been brought under the Act for time bound delivery. He asked the people to take benefit of the Act and get these services in a time bound manner. “If you feel any delay or failure on the part of officials in delivering the services within the fixed time frame, initiate complaints against the erring officials, they would be handed over punishment and imposed fine upto Rs. 5000”, he said elaborating that the affected consumer would be paid compensation out of the fine imposed upon the erring official.


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