AIP files petition seeking end of VDCs


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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) Tuesday,  filed a petition in the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir seeking quashment of State government’s Order No. 293 of 1995 dated September 30 1995. The said order authorizes the Sate government to constitute Village Defense Committees (VDCs).

AIP General Secretary, in a press statement said that petition was filed before the high court seeking disbanding of Village Defense Committees which are extra constitutional bodies and have no legal sanctity.

He said, “We in our petition have sought the directions from the honorable court that the VDCs have been a threat to the communal harmony and to the lives and the property of the people right from the day they came into existence. All the arms, ammunition and other accessories should be immediately snatched from these committee members and government should stop funding these extra constitutional bodies which are indulged in grave human rights violations.”

The General Secretary also said that AIP in its petition has sought orders from the honorable court to ask State Human Rights Commission or some other independent credible commission to look into the atrocities committed by VDCs in the state especially in the Jammu region.

“We have also sought a complete ban on making any recruitment in the name of VDCs in the state as the formation of these VDCs is not only unconstitutional but a cause of grave human rights violation.”


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