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A complete shutdown continued for the fourth consecutive day, Tuesday, in Shopian town against the alleged excesses and arrests of youth by police.

All shops, commercial establishments and educational institutions remained closed in the town while very thin private transport plied on the roads.

People staged anti-India protests in the morning despite the deployment of police in the town.

Locals said that some twenty youth have been detained by the police for allegedly taking part in anti-India demonstrations.

 The situation in the town is tense since Saturday evening when the locals said that police barged into residential houses, thrashing inmates and vandalizing property.

Police on the other hand says that there are some “miscreants” in the town who damage the peaceful atmosphere of the town whenever they get any chance.

“We have filed cases against these miscreants and in order to avoid their arrest they are trying to create a law and order situation resulting in the huge losses to the common masses,” a police officer, of the town told Kashmir Life.


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