Let All Unite to Get IIT, IIM for Kashmir, says Er Rashid



Er Rashid

MLA Langate Er Rashid Saturday strongly condemned NC and Congress for their “suspicious” role over AIIMS row for Jammu.

In a statement, Er Rashid said, “It is obvious that NC and Congress are more interested in creating anti-BJP and anti-Mufti atmosphere in Jammu rather wishing to get an AIIMS for Jammu.”

Had these parties been truly sincere in dreaming over all development of the state, he said, they would have put their weight behind the demand of IIM and IIT for Kashmir.

“Who knows better than NC and Congress that anti Kashmiri element in Jammu are feeling more disappointed with AIIMS being given to Kashmir rather, celebrating IIM and IIT for Jammu.”

It would have been proper for NC and Congress  to support demand for establishing  AIIMS for Jammu, but would have been appreciable if these two parties could have fulfilled the parameters of justice and not hesitated even to run a mass agitation programme in Kashmir seeking IIM and IIT for Kashmir province, Er Rashid said.

The lawmaker of Langate further criticized NC and Congress for “trying to portrait themselves as warriors” of Muslims by claiming Afzal Guru’s mortal remains “but who doesn’t know that like PDP it was NC and Congress who didn’t felt shy from acting as collaborators in Afzal Guru’s murder”.

Had Omar Abdullah shown a bit of courage and just threatened New Delhi that he will resign if Afzal Guru hanged, he said, situation would have all together different and Muslims in Kashmir would not have been feeling themselves like second class citizens.

Er Rashid appealed all political, social and religious organizations to learn a lesson from people of Jammu and force New Delhi to establish IIT and IIM in Kashmir.

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