Let Us Breathe Clear Oxygen to Live: Achan Residents




The agitating residents near Achan municipal waste dumping site Sunday again pressed the government for scientific disposal of the solid waste collected from the summer capital.

The residents who have been protesting against the Srinagar Municipal Corporation for dumping the solid waste in the area told KNS that the municipal authorities must dispose off the solid waste scientifically to avoid polluting the area.

“It is quite miserable to live near the dumping site. The stink from the waste pollutes the air and makes breathing difficult. The government must scientifically dispose off the solid waste if it really care for the citizens,” Bashir Ahmad, a resident said.

The disposal site has become a bone of contention between the residents and SMC. Agitated residents have been time and again protesting against the dumping of the waste, while the SMC has been “rhetorically” managing the protests and has been criticized for doing less and assuring the aggrieved residents more.

“For years, we have been hearing about scientific disposal and other things, but practically nothing significant has been done to address the grave problem,” the residents said.

While the aggrieved residents today held a meeting to call on divisional commissioner Kashmir, Dr Asgar Samoon, the SMC divers, who are facing the wrath of the agitating residents today took a motor rally to protest against their beating and injuries due to stone pelting form residents.

Imtiyaz Ahmad, young Congress leader from Eidgah Assembly segment, addressed the agitated residents and appealed them to protests peacefully and not to resort to violent methods and stone pelting on SMC drivers or any official.

“However, the administration should address the grievances of the people. And instead of using violence against them, the authorities must address the issue of the people,” he said.

SMC Commissioner Bashir Ahmad Khan said that the corporation is planning to construct a waste-to-energy plant that will generate electricity from the solid waste.

“We have appealed the National Green Tribunal to allow us re-tender the proposed plant. Once the plant is set up, the residents’ grievances will end,” the commissioner said.

However, the residents said they cannot wait for the plant to be established as “it concerns our health”.

“We appeal the SMC to dispose off the waste scientifically and let us breathe clear oxygen to live,” they said.


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