Life of a Kashmiri Muslim has no value, says Jama’at-e-Islami


Jama’t -e-Islami on Tuesday said that the way a 65-year-old mentally challenged person, Syed Habib-ullah, a resident of Soibug, Budgam was killed by the government forces it is quite obvious that the life of a Kashmiri Muslim has no value.

The spokesman said these forces looked at the person who was bare-footed with torn clothes as an attacker and without any hesitation fire upon him, killing him on the spot. There can be no worse a concept of human rights violation than this.

To justify this brutal act, the baseless and shameless argument was given that he tried to forcibly enter the camp during the night hours which is not digestible at all as the said camp is well-fortified and there are no chances for a single person to break its security, said a JeI spokesman adding that this incident also proves the fact that the Indian forces have got a free-license to kill anyone here as they know that they are immune from any legal or judicial action.

The Indian media has always presented a black and distorted picture of such gory events in a well-planned design and blamed the victims. This notorious media is making false and malicious propaganda against the innocent people of Kashmir and never depicts a true picture thereof. The Indian media is extremely biased against Kashmiris and concocts false stories against them.

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir while vehemently denounce this act of killing Syed Habibullah by government forces, expresses complete solidarity with his family. Jama’at also appeals world community to take serious note of the state-sponsored human rights violations here and adopt effective measures to get this stopped to save the life and dignity of this hapless nation.


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