Linguistic divide in PDP & BJP during oath taking ceremony

KL Report


After hectic deliberations though BJP and PDP came together and formed a government on ‘agenda of alliance, the oath taking ceremony presented a different look as the two parties followed separate languages while taking oath.

Mufti Muhammad Sayeed took the oath in English and  was followed by  majority of PDP legislators who too preferred to take their oath of allegiance to the constitution of India in English. However, Chief spokesman of the party , Naeem Akhtar, preferred Urdu over English.

On the contrary majority of the BJP legislators took their oath in Hindi. However Lal Singh, wearing a turban, which symbolizes the strength and vision of a Dogra, too the oath in Dogri language.

Separatist turned mainstream politician Sajjad Lone who was also sworn in as a Minister took the oath in English.


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