LoC tension a dangerous trend: Hurriyat (M)


Hurriyat Conference (M) on Saturday expressed serious concern over the escalation of tension between India and Pakistan on borders stated that a dangerous trend has started on the LoC which can engulf the entire region.

Hurriyat (M) spokesperson in a statement appealed to the international community to play their role and ensure that both the nuclear powers shun the confrontational approach and start a sustained dialogue to resolve the issues in a peaceful manner.

He said that the basic rift and tension between the two countries is pending Kashmir issue and urged both countries to start a meaningful dialogue so that loss of precious lives on both sides of borders is stopped forthwith.

The spokesperson said that due to the continuous skirmishes and increasing tension between India and Pakistan forces in Kashmir and Jammu region, hundreds of families have started migrating to safer places and the ongoing exchanging of heavy fire is resulting in the loss of human lives on both sides, which is very unfortunate and painful. He said borders are witnessing a scary and war-like situation forcing people living closer to border areas, to shift their bases to safer areas.

Hurriyat (M) said if both countries remain at the loggerheads and in a confrontational mode, the situation is all set to take an ugly turn which can engulf the entire region and lead to a full-fledged war.

The spokesperson appealed to the United Nations and all influential countries to play their part in diffusing the present crisis on the borders of Kashmir and initiating a sustained dialogue so that the region is saved from a possible war.

Hurriyat (M) said that it is high time for India and Pakistan to show political maturity, farsightedness to resolve the vexed Kashmir issue so that people of this region heave a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson strongly condemned the house detention of its chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq saying it is a deliberate attempt on part of the government to curtail the Mirwaiz’s efforts of reaching out to people.

He said the move is highly deplorable as every now and then Mirwaiz is confined to his house by the “autocratic” rulers without any rhyme or reason who only know the language of using force to crush the genuine dissent.


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